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Miguel's Construction Inc

Drywall, Taping, and Texture 

Getting a Quote 

You can schedule an appointment with us to get a free quote. We will go to your project, talk about what ideas you may have and answer any questions. Once we are done measuring your project we will send you a quote via email or in person.

On the Job Site

We take care of the drywall delivery and the mud. Hanging drywall can get a bit dirty, but no need to worry. We clean up all the scrap after the drywall is hung. But nothing gets messier then when the tapers come. Thankfully we put down a nice layer of paper on the floor before any mud enter your home or project, and stays there though out the whole process. Finally comes texture. We check everything before we spray, to illuminate as many mistakes as possible. Then we spray it's final coat. 

Thank You

Miguel's Construction has been in business for 25 years. Since then we've  greatly appreciated all of the relationships that we have built over the years.


About Miguel's

Miguel's Construction is a family company, founded in 1992. A married couple started the company. For the first five years, founders Gloria and Luis Perez where the only two workers. Long hours and hard labor with little rewards. Over the years, more and more job opportunities have opened up which has helped us grow our company. 25 years have gone by, but we are still finding new ways to improve our work.

"Gloria is the strongest person I know. Working along side me, hanging heavy sheets of drywall. I appreciate everything that she has done. Thank you!"

-Luis Perez






Projects Completed Yearly


Luis Perez

2739 12th SW 

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Tel: (641)-750-3941

Fax: (641)-484-9960

Luis Miguel Perez, Jr

Tel: (641)-481-5992

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